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I have two great passions in life, teaching and traveling, TEFLBRIGHT has allowed me to pursue both at the same time. Teaching abroad has enriched my life beyond measure. I have learned so much about the world and about how other people live. Traveling for a holiday or as a tourist, doesn’t really give you enough time to truly experience the culture or to learn the language. Working abroad has allowed me to extend my stay beyond the traditional 2 weeks and in the last few years I have gained so much insight into South East Asian culture, which in turn has given me a deeper understanding, through contrast, of my own culture. Being a teacher in a different cultural setting where few people speak your language can be a real challenge at times and will really push you out of your comfort zone, but it is here where true personal growth occurs, when you are outside of your comfort zone you will find yourself doing things that you never even knew you were capable of.

Charl Swart

High school Teacher

When you choose to live in another country, along with it comes the inevitable homesickness, the never-ending stress of visa’s and the uncertainty of how long you can stay. But, with that being said, this is all paired with a lifestyle of excitement, new experiences, adventure and exploring the world. Homesickness allows you to open up to building relationships with people from all around the world. Even sometimes from your own country. These relationships may be temporary or everlasting, but it’s beautiful nonetheless. Visa issues offer exploration of another country’s culture, food and beauty. You meet the most interesting people along the way. You discover your own strengths and limitations. And lastly, the uncertainty of “Am I staying or going?”, leaves you humble. You appreciate what you have. You realize what you need. You are surprised at what you don’t need. And you enjoy the moments for what they are.

Jo-Anne Brigden

University Lecturer

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120 Hour TEFL Curriculum Overview

Foreign Language Education is one of the fastest growing fields and presents unmatched opportunities for traveling and teaching abroad. TEFLBRIGHT is fast becoming the most sought after training certification in the world. Our TEFL Certification program has been expertly crafted from years of experience and will equip you with the expertise and skills required to take advantage of this growing market. The following is some of what you will be learning during your training:

Introduction to Linguistics

In this module you will discover the English Language and it’s features, including the history, grammar, phonics, lexis, functions, semantics, discourse and language skills.

Learning Theory

Learning Theory is all about how people learn, specifically we will be looking at how people learn languages. During this module you will learn about Language Acquisition theory, motivation, the role of error, exposure and noticing, differences between the L1 and L2 languages, Learner characteristics and Learner needs.

Teaching Methodology

During this module you will learn some practical methods to implement Learning Theory. We will be taking a closer look at various approaches, methods and techniques for teaching languages, sharpen your presentation skills and equip you with 100’s of learning activities for class.

Assessment tasks

This module covers various assessment methods, tasks and types. You will learn how to plan and perform in class assessments, as well as, how these assessment activities fit into the wider framework of the CEFR or Common European Framework.

Lesson Planning

Here you will learn how to design learning programs. We will take a closer look at selecting aims, program sequencing, work schedules, learning objectives, and lesson planning,

Resource Selection

During this module you will learn how to source, select and create learning resources that are appropriate for your learner. We will also cover various teaching aids, electronic and online resources that can aid you in your teaching practice.

Classroom management

Learn how to manage your classroom like a pro. You will learn how to establish routines, build relationships and organize your classroom in no time.

Cultural Competence

Multiculturalism is an important part of today’s society. You will learn how the learners’ culture impacts their learning behavior in the classroom and how to select culture appropriate teaching methods.

Teaching Practicum

This module is designed to give you practical experience and to help you consolidate what you have learned throughout the course. You will have the opportunity to apply what you have learned in a real classroom environment.

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